Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water Table or Pool?

Today we were reintroduced to the sun and warm weather, oh what a beautiful day! Since it has been almost 2 weeks since the last time we were able to play outside, I thought it would be a special treat to play with the water table. After Josh left for work this afternoon I took the girls on the deck and we played. Okay, I confess, this was partly for my own benefit because I was tired of them climbing all over the couch and the tables. Claire thought it was fun to throw all of the table toys through the fence posts, so that was done. Lillian thought it would work perfectly to play with the bat in the water, obviously that is where it belongs.
They were so happy being outside again and enjoying fresh air. Let's just hope that the rain stays away for a bit so we continue to enjoy being outdoors.

Now you decide, is this a water table or a pool?

I think it is time to dig the pool out and let them climb in there.

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