Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 Months

Once again I am a bad blogging mommy and have slacked at updating. I really have no excuse either, things are not any more crazy then usual here. Actually, I have been really bad at taking pictures lately as well and that is totally not like me.

Well, the girls are now 23 months old and that means we are less then a month away from them turning two. I am not at all ready for this to happen. Lillian and Claire are both talking up a storm now and you are really able to understand a lot more of what they are saying. When they see something they want, they say "please mommy" or "please daddy" and make it pretty much impossible to not give them what they want because they are too stinking cute.

They are so compassionate when they see someone upset or hurt. They want to make sure the other is alright, even if it is a character in a book or on television that is crying. When one falls and starts to cry, the other will come over and offer a hug and soft touches, usually a stroke on the cheeck.

They hold hands all the time, running down the hall, watching television, sitting in the stroller or just standing there. They still love to play Ring Around the Rosie and now they fall down when they are supposed to instead of just laugh.

Here are three of our favorite pictures from when we had our family photos taken with Erin Leigh Studios that we purchased.

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  1. The photos are great! I can't believe they are almost 2!!!