Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh What A Day!

Today has been quite the day. Actually, the morning was great. Josh went to work early, so it was just the three girls. We cuddled, read books and watched Olivia. After nap things took a turn for the worst. Lillian woke up whimpering, but that happens at least once a week and they tend to take turns who gets to wake up whiny. I put their hair in a pony tail then went in the kitchen to get dinner ready for the oven while they ate snack. Shortly after 5pm Lillian came over to the baby gate looking at me in the kitchen and threw up. I brought her into the kitchen and she vomited again. After cleaning her up she was happy and we cuddled on the chair. Claire was all smiles, but come over to make sure Lillian was alright. About 20 minutes after the first vomit episode, Lillian vomited again. Shortly after I cleaned her up, Claire took her turn and vomited as well. I decided I was finished cleaning the living room carpet, so we hung out in the kitchen where it would be easier to clean everything. Josh was able to take the rest of the evening off work which was a lifesaver since they both continued to vomit all evening long about every 30 minutes. All four of us spent the evening in the kitchen watching Olivia on the computer and coloring. The girls spend the whole time hanging out in their diapers for easy clean up.
I did make a call to our pediatricians office and they recommended for us to stop all fluid intake since they were vomited it all up. She said if the vomiting continues through the night and tomorrow, then in the morning to try small doses of Pedialyte. If even that comes up, then we will have to take them into the ER so they can receive fluids via IV.
Shortly after 9pm we finally put them to bed. It is now 12:30am and Claire has been up three times heaving with very little vomit, but only because there is nothing left in her stomach. Lillian was just up this last time with Claire, heaving with little vomit. We are out of clean sheets and on our third set of PJs for the night. I know their throats are hurting from all of the vomiting, but any fluids we offer will just come right back up. My poor babies. I really hope they will be able to sleep through the rest of the night. At this point I am not sure if I am glad we get an extra hour to sleep or if it is another hour that will bring pain to my girls. I guess I will just have to let you know tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Claire and Lillian hanging coloring. They were happy as can be between vomits, but when their bellies started to rumble you could tell by the quick change in attitude and looks on their faces.


  1. How awful! I hope today is better and they're able to keep down some fluids & food.

  2. They look so pale in these photos. Poor babies!