Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well we have been a vomit free house for the last 12 hours. Yay! Lillian and Claire both slept pretty solid from 12:30am until roughly 6:45am. Not too good considering they usually fall asleep by 8:30pm and sleep until 8:30/9am on a normal day. We started the day by giving them small doses of Pedialyte like the doctors office suggested, but that just made them mad, because they wanted more. We didn't want to give them too much at once in case their stomachs were not able to handle the intake. After they kept down the small amounts for about and hour and half we gave them a sippy cup of fluids and some Cheerios. They were finally happy! Once 10am rolled around they were extremely grumpy, well, mostly Claire. I made them some toast and cut up a banana for lunch to keep things light. Lillian had a few bites of toast, Claire wanted nothing to do with it. They are now napping, two hours early, but all of us were ready for it. Their diapers have not been very wet, so that worries me a bit, but hopefully after they wake up they will perk up a bit and take in even more fluids.

Here is to hoping they continue to be vomit free and feeling more like themselves after some sleep.

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