Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today was a no nap day for Lillian. Nap time started out with two bouncing, giggling and chatting girls. This lasted about an hour and a half before Claire finally fell asleep. Once Lillian no longer had a playmate the grumpiness set in. She was back there with the worst fake cry trying to wake Claire up and get my attention. After 20 minutes of her acting all goofy, I went back to their room to get them up. When I open the door to their room, I see all of Lillian's cuddle animals on the floor, her blanket on the floor and her left arm some how pulled out of her shirt and dress. How this child was able to get her arm out of the neck hold of her outfit is beyond me.

After dinner I needed to mop the kitchen floor and apparently this was very exciting for two little girls. They both laid down on the living room floor on the other side of the gate and watched me the entire time I mopped. This is not the first time they have seen me mop and I am not sure why this time was so exciting to them, but it was pretty cute seeing them lay there with so much interest.

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