Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Been a Crazy House

Monday the girls started to finally feel better after a weekend full of being sick, but still wouldn't eat a real meal. We had several days of Cheerios and graham crackers all day long. During lunch on Monday my stomach started to feel a bit off. I took a nap right along with the girls that afternoon and woke up feeling even worse. Of course it was torture on me trying to take care of the girls since Josh was working (he couldn't take any more time off after already taking the two days prior off when the girls were sick) while being extremely ill myself. Luckily the girls were so well behaved, there was no climbing, hitting, screaming or crying. Monday was a very rough night for me. Tuesday I was starting to feel a little better, my stomach was no long turning, but my body still felt weak. We took our family photos that afternoon and the girls had so much fun playing at the park. This was the first park trip they were climbing up all the ladders, going down slides and exploring. They are still not fans of the swings. Wednesday I was still very tired and was lucky enough to get some rest while Josh took care of the girls. By the end of the girls nap I was feeling so much better, one more good sleep should get me back to 100% I hope.

Here is to hoping that this is the only sickness that hits our house this season.

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