Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating Two

On Sunday we invited family and friends over to our house to celebrate Lillian and Claire turning two. We had a great turn out, about 25 people in the house. We served lunch, mingled, opened gifts, played and sang. I hope everyone who attended had a good time and I am pretty sure Lillian and Claire did as well.

We served the girl their lunch earlier then usual, because we have learned when other are around they become distracted by what is going on and will not eat. By the time guests started to arrive they were finished with lunch and ready to party. Claire discovered the chocolate dipped marshmallows on the table and sat there eyeing them up for awhile before I finally gave the girls one each.

They were a chocolate mess the remainder of the day, their crisp white shirts turned rainbow from the sprinkles.

They had so much fun opening gifts. Their favorite was ripping the wrapping paper off the boxes, but the tissue paper was also fun the throw up in the air.
Halfway through gift opening, Lillian had a bit of a melt down and didn't fully recover until the house was empty at the end of the party. We had a very busy weekend with not much of our normal routine, that combined with all of the people and attention they received, I think was a bit overwhelming for her. She was happy playing down in the playroom with all of the other little ones after we opened gifts, but when it was time to come upstairs to sing Happy Birthday she was set off again.
They both enjoyed their cupcakes, especially licking the frosting off the top (that was my favorite part too). After cupcakes we started to say our goodbyes and then it was time for much needed naps.

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  1. We had a great time!!! I still can't believe they are turning 2!!!