Thursday, December 9, 2010

St. Nicholas

Monday night our church had a visitor, St. Nicholas came to visit us. He told us his history and how he became Santa Clause. It was a wonderful event and there were more children of all ages then adults in the building, I really hope they have this again when the girls are old enough to understand the message.
We listened to his story for about 45 minutes and overall the girls did great. It is never easy trying to get toddlers to sit still, so we certainly didn't expect them to sit all proper for this, but they were not the only children jumping, squealing and occasionally having a bit of a meltdown. Josh had to take Lillian to the back of the room a few times when she was upset, but they did great. We were prepared with their snack cups full of Cheez-Itz, their favorite animals and an open row with room for them to roam.
After St. Nick was finished with his story, he sat out in the lobby so we could take pictures and for the older children to share the Christmas wish list with him. This may have gone over better with Lillian and Claire if it was not already their bed time and they had not been cooped up the last 45 minutes, okay, probably not. I think this picture sums up the rest of the story.

Maybe next year.


  1. It's cruel, but I can't help but laugh! :) They are adorable even when they are having toddler moments!

  2. Well, at least they had really cute shirts on...

    I think every kid's photo history has at least one crying with Santa picture. There's one of me at about 2, red-faced & screaming my head off while my 8-year-old brother looks at me like I'm crazy. It's one of our favorite family pictures now!

  3. Oh, I should have added the side note that I made their Christmas shirts again this year. I ran out of time and I didn't get a chance to finish them before Santa, so I need to do that before Christmas arrives.

  4. Oh dear. I don't think I'm even going to try with Landon this year. I know he will freak out!

    Yep, better luck next year!