Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Zoo Trip of 2011

Last week Wednesday I loaded up the girls and we took our first trip of year to the zoo. Last year was fun taking the girls, but this year they loved it even more, I cannot wait to make many more trips this spring, summer and fall. It was spring break around here for many of the area school districts so it was pretty packed, but adding to that, the Africa loop of the zoo was closed. Africa is just over a mile circle that has more then half of the animals in the KC Zoo, really it is the best part, so I as very disappointed to see that it was closed for now. We did get to see a lot of animals, but since the weather here has been so up and down, many animals were still in their winter homes.

Claire has figured out how to get her arms out of the stroller straps so she can lean forward all the way and bounce all around. She did this the whole time walking and looking at the animals.

Other kids were feeding the sheep the pellets you can buy for a quarter, but the sheep must have smelled Lillian and Claire's Cheerios and they wanted them.

We stopped and had a quick lunch, but they were so busy checking out all of the people and wanting to see more animals they didn't eat much.

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