Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Climber

A few weeks ago we bought a new climber, well new to us, we bought it used. We really did not want to spend the money to buy one brand new when we could find one just as great for half the price, so that is what we did.
The climber sat in the garage for about a week because the weather was either too cold, snowy or raining. Finally we had a few nice days so we moved it to the yard. After lots of pushing, pounding, standing and wiggling, we finally had all the pieces put together and it was ready for play. During the time Josh and I were working on putting it together, it was complete torture on the girls. They saw the slide part laying on the ground and they kept saying, "oh no, slide!" They tried to help us lift and move around the pieces, probably because we were not moving fast enough for their liking.
Once the climber was completely put together, Lillian and Claire got so excited and quickly ran to test it out. They are still a little short to climb up on landing without a little assistance, so I was lifting them up and then we brought out a little step stool we had inside the house. They still had troubles with the stool, but quickly they figured out what to grab onto and where to push off with their feet to wiggle up on their own.
Claire is funny because she feels the need to brush off any dirt or leaves that are on the stool before using it, so each turn she brushes before she climbs. For probably 30 minutes they climbed, slid, ran, repeat. They were so mad when they had to come inside for dinner. Now every time we put on shoes to go some place they want to play outside instead. They will even ask for to wear their hats and then ask to go outside once they have their hats on.

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  1. We are debating about buying Sammie something like this or one of the cottage type playhouses...I just can't decide which she would like more.