Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Splish, Splash

Bath time is always full of excitement in our house. Lillian and Claire get so excited when they hear the tub filling with water and they know exactly what is about to happen. We do not bathe them every night, usually it is twice a week because they have such dry skin. They love playing with the toys, splashing, and "swimming." Actually, their swimming is really cute. They lay down on their bellies and wiggle their tush while sliding around the tub. Both myself and the floor usually end up soaked before bath time is over and the girls would spend all night playing even if they are shivering if we let them.
We were at Costco last week and they had toddler hooded towels. They had many adorable designs, ladybugs, lions, flowers, bees and we end up with sharks. Lillian and Claire love them!
I love that cute little belly poking out.

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  1. We can only do bath time around 2 times a week too because of dry skin.

    I love how happy they are - looks like a blast!