Monday, October 17, 2011

Chit Chat

The girls talk nonstop, really, they never stop! It is actually kind of fun though since we are able to understand most of what they are saying now and the things they say crack us up. Here are some funny toddler isms.

While watching Dora one morning Lillian stands up on her chair, turns around and faces me, "mommy, don't beat me, okay?"
Me: "Okay, honey, I won't beat you."
A few minutes later, Lillian stands up again, "mommy, don't spank me, okay?"
Me: "Okay, I won't spank you."
Josh was home while this happened and we both had a hard time trying on to laugh. I feel the need to say, we have never spanked or hit either of the girls. I have no idea where she came up with this.

Claire now walks around saying "I'm sorry" all the time, even when there is nothing to apologize for. This weekend the girls and I went to Target. We start heading towards the check out lanes and Claire says, "I'm sorry mama, but I don't want to go home yet."

Lillian has been running around dancing and singing all the time now. She makes up these crazy songs that only make sense to her, but she sings with so much passion.

In the car the other night we saw a police car with the emergency lights on, the girls were very excited to see "Daddy's car." The rest of the 40 minute drive home, Claire was saying, "I want to see Daddy's car." Josh and I were telling her over and over that there were no more cars out or that they were sleeping and taking a break. Claire did not like those answers. Since she was becoming very loud with her demands to see another police car, Josh told her that she needs to be quiet or she would scare away the cars. Claire then began to whisper, "I need to see Daddy's car" repeatedly. This went on the entire drive home, like I said 40 minutes. Josh decided to try telling her a little more sternly that there were no more police cars on the road, so she needs to stop asking. Claire sat silently for a minute, then says, "mommy, I need to see a Daddy's car." She knew Daddy didn't want to hear it so it was time to turn to mommy.

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