Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deanna Rose Farmstead Trip

Sorry for the delay of this post, life all of a sudden became crazy busy. In attempt to play catch up again, this post will have few words, but plenty of cuteness.
I have posted before about previous trips to Deanna Rose., but this trip was even more exciting for the girls. They knew what to expect and couldn't wait to feed the baby goats. Once I loaded the girls into the car, Lillian was yelling in the backseat, "baby goat, I'm coming! "Baby goat, I'm coming to feed you!" I took the stroller just in case, but they walked the entire time and were such great listeners and stayed by my side.
Our main reason for visiting the farm that day  was because my dear friend, Lauren, from college was in the Kansas City area for the weekend visiting family. We couldn't miss an opportunity to hang out, so we went to play.

 Can you see Claire hugging the goat?

Since the girls were walking/running the entire trip, I took very few photos. Lauren had her camera though and I know she took some cute ones, so I will have to share some after I receive them. After leaving the farm, we went to Red Robin for lunch. The girls did awesome sitting like big girls without booster seats and eating their entire meals. They were so excited about their balloons and were not ready to go home. You would think after walking and playing hard all morning, when we finally got home at 2:30pm, they would zonk out at nap time, but that was not the case. They refused to nap, but crashed at bed time.
Something I need to add is how proud I am of my girls. When taking bigger trips out like this, we put them in Pull Ups, just in case. Well, they stayed dry out entire time out. We had a few bathroom trips, but these girls were rock stars! They are still doing amazing with their potty training, we just need to work on the overnights, but that will come.

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  1. I love Deanna Rose. Last time we went Brigham was like 10 days old so we need to go back. I think KC has all kinds of fun things to do with kiddos. They are just quite spread out! I have always wanted to do the Shatto Milk tour!

    The girls are doing great with being potty trained! Pretty soon you can just leave them in undies all the time :)