Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs

Last Saturday while Josh was at work, Lillian, Claire and myself dyed Easter eggs. The day before I bought a Easter egg kit at the store and as soon as the girls noticed it, they were set to get to work. They did not want to have to wait until the following morning.
When morning finally came we kept very busy. After breakfast the girls headed outside to play in the backyard. After an hour back there, we headed to the driveway for chalk and bubbles, then off for a neighborhood walk. After a picnic lunch in the living room, I set up the table and we were ready to dye eggs. 

 They were all smiles the entire time we worked. They wanted to dye more eggs, but I had to help assure them that a dozen would be plenty. These girls love hard boiled eggs, so coloring one of their favorite foods into their favorite colors was like a dream come true.
 After all the eggs were colored and slightly dry, the decorated them with stickers. Of course, Claire was asking the entire process if she could eat an Easter egg.

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