Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter (finally)

As promised and only a week late, Easter. We had a great Easter this year. It was so nice having Josh home to spend the day with us and celebrate as a family. This year was especially fun, because the girls have been so excited to wear their special dresses to church and have the Easter bunny bring them lollipops. I have no idea where they got the idea in their head that the bunny will bring them lollipops, but oh well.

Growing up our baskets were always hidden around the house for us to search and find on Easter morning. I don't know if this is a normal thing to do or not, but it was for my family and since I loved the scavenger as a kid (and into my teenage years), I wanted to do this with the girls. Our hiding spots were not too tricky this year, but they loved the search and the excitement on their faces when they spotted their baskets was priceless.

 Yes, we did let them eat a lollipop first thing in the morning and before they ate breakfast.

After breakfast, everyone got dressed and ready for a wonderful Easter service at church. I think this service is and always has been one of my favorites. There is always so much excitement and passion buzzing around and it is infectious.

 Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim came with us to church and following, we all headed over to their house to meet up with Aunt Maggie and Uncle Baris for lunch and a small egg hunt for the girls. As usual, every group picture we took, someone wasn't smiling, blurry, looking at the camera, lifting their dress up, or picking their nose. I am not going to name the guilty parties, but just post the bests out of the bunch.

We had a lazy rest of the day after leaving Grandma and Grandpa's but it was wonderful. We had to cherish every moment, because I am sure next Easter Josh will be working.

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