Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Trip

On Good Friday, we took out first trip of the season to Deanna Rose. We headed over there with some of our friends from Pro Deo and the girls, of course had a blast. We took the wagon, but our big girls insisted on walking as much as possible, and they did. We had them ride on the longer stretches of path when there wasn't much to see, otherwise it would have taken double the length of time to get around.

 The girls loved the goats. They have been a favorite of theirs since their first trip there almost two years ago. By the way, I just went back and looked at the photos I posted from that trip, they look so tiny and sweet. It is amazing what two years can do. :-)
 Along one of the paths, there were little benches, perfect size for Lillian and Claire. I asked them to sit down so I could try and get a photo of them together and looking. At first they sat down on two different benches and gave me great big smiles. Finally, the moved to the same bench and were so sweet and loving to each other. Sadly, the few of them looking and with big grins turned out blurry. Isn't that the way it always happens?
 I love these!

What is usually one of our first stops was one of our last stops of the day for this trip. They fed the baby goats bottles. It is funny, Josh stood in the long line waiting to purchase two bottles of milk for the girls to give the goats. Since it was so busy there that day, they goats were not eating nearly as much since they were being fed all morning. Because of this, may of the other parents were growing impatient while their children were trying to feed the bottles and it took a long time. We had several families offer to let the girls finish off the bottles since they were ready to leave. I called Josh, he was able to get out of the long line, and the girls were still able to feed the goats.

 We could not leave Deanna Rose without the girls playing a little music with the cowbells. They had a ball.

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