Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The other weekend we are blessed with a weekend away, just the four of us without any family or friends to visit. We have never had a chance to take a real family vacation. With so many family and friends living a distance away, we have to use our vacation time to visit them and sadly, even that doesn't get to happen nearly as often as we would like. Well, a very special thank you to my Dad and Sandy for setting us up with our weekend as an early birthday gift to me. They treated us to a wonderful resort and room, so we could take this much needed family time. I wish Josh's work schedule allowed us to have more time away, but has had already had to use so much vacation time this past month for other out of town trips and we are planning a trip to Wisconsin to see my family later this summer. That being said, we had a fabulous weekend.

Branson is only a few hours from Kansas City and without  three year olds in the car, it could be a very quick trip. Lillian and Claire had other ideas though with their asking for frequent restroom stops, but not always actually going when we do finally find a place to stop. We did have to pull over to the side of the highway at one point and take the potty chair out of the car and have Lillian do her thing on the side of the road, because she refused the gas station restroom 5 miles earlier when we stopped.
When we arrived, we checked into our room, unloaded our bags and headed back out for dinner. We drove past a small, but busy barbecue joint on our way in and decided to give it a try, it had to be that busy for a reason. Our food was fabulous and the girls ate a ton.

 When we got back to our resort, I took the girls to one of the playground areas while Josh took our groceries we picked up, back to our room. The gravel on the ground and their flip flops didn't make walking easy for them, but that didn't seem to slow them down too much.
 Both girls were excited to get their own big bed for the weekend. They quickly put a claim on which bed they wanted in their room and climbed right up.
 Saturday morning while I was getting ready for the day after breakfast, Josh helped the girls build a fort. The filled it with pillows from the couch and their beds and thought it was the coolest little hangout.
 With it pushing 90 degrees by 10 am, our outdoor activities were pretty limited. We decided this would be a great chance to take the girls to see their first movie in the theater. We saw Madagascar 3 and they loved it. They did really well and just when they were starting to get a little restless, the movie picked up again and caught their attention.  They are holding their tickets in the photo below after the movie.
 Later that afternoon we took them swimming. There was a kids pool which was about two feet deep and perfect for them to play in without us having to hover too much. We did make them wear their swimming vest, but the bottom of the pool was a bit slippery and they lost footing now and then.

 They splashed, jumped, kicked and had a blast. They had no fear of the water at all and had no problem putting their faces in the water and practice swimming.

 They both had a melt down having to leave the pool. Claire was over it pretty quickly, Lillian wouldn't give up. She was a grump the entire walk back to our room and let everyone know her thoughts about having to leave the pool.
 We made a delicious dinner in our room and then headed out for some frozen yogurt. They each picked their yogurt flavor and piled their toppings on high.

 Sunday morning, before heading home, we went to the fish hatchery. Lillian asked where Grandpa Mark was as soon as we got out of the car. Last time we were there was with Grandpa Mark and Grandma Sandy over a year ago, I am not sure how she remembered this, but she did.

 They laughed as they fed the fish and saw them jumping out of the water. There are thousands and thousands of fish in these troughs.
 I posted this picture already, but thought it would add it in again. Daddy and his girls on Father's Day.

Thank you again, Dad and Sandy for helping us having this weekend away. We had a blast and are already looking forward to planning a trip for next summer.

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