Thursday, June 14, 2012


I probably sound like a broken record when I constantly apologize for not blogging. Things have been busy around here, but I have also just been lazy when I have time to myself. In those short periods of time, I would rather just sit and be a bum, than have to transfer pictures to upload and think of something entertaining to write up.
I have still been playing catch up since the school year ended. Last week, I had a dentist appointment and a general health physical for the upcoming school year. This past weekend, I spent Thursday though Sunday in Chicago with a great group of friends. I am planning to write a short post and share a few pictures when I can find the time. I think after this coming weekend,  I will be just about caught up on everything, and I will make catch up posts a priority. I promise these updates will come with pictures. Until then, I need to share how stinkin' cute it is hearing two little girls constantly sing. Claire especially loves her "ABC's" and Lillian loves to sing "This Little Light of Mine." Their little voices can be so sweet at times.

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