Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at Grandpa's House

The mid-part of our trip included a stop in De Pere to visit Grandpa and here are a few pictures from our journey there.

Lillian is looking on as others unwrap gifts.
Lillian and Claire really didn't have much interest in unwrapping their own gifts with everything and everyone else around.
Claire and Grandpa chillin' in the snow.
Grandpa pulled Cousin Ray and Claire around the yard on sleds, Lillian had no interest.
Grandpa with Claire and Lillian
Claire and I
Josh and Lillian. As soon as Josh took her outside she was ready to get back in. Apparently she doesn't like the cold and snow.
We couldn't find snow boots for the girls so we just put giant wool socks over their shoes, maybe that is why Lillian didn't want to be outside anymore, because she looked like a gomer. :-)
Playing games.
Cousin Shay with Claire and Lillian

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