Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two little monkeys...

climbing on a chair. Lillian and Claire received the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Song & Story Chair for Christmas from their Grandma and Grandpa Zullner. They love it, but they think they are little monkeys. They would push each other off the chair to get on, pulled ponies and whatever else they could come up with. Claire loved climbing up on the chair and dancing on it and clapping. Lillian also stood up on it and cheered with a great big smile, but she was content sitting on it backwards watching TV. Oh and neither of them could figure out how to get down from the chair other then jump off or fall off from rocking. They had so much fun!


  1. Lillian sitting on it backwards cracks me up!

  2. Hahaha, too funny. Toddlers are such little dare devils. They will give you heart attacks daily!

  3. They look like they are having a blast!!!