Monday, January 18, 2010

Sisterly Love

Claire and Lillian sure do love each other! I love how happy they make each other and how they will look at each other and smile and start laughing. They are both starting to talk and babble with many new sounds lately. They are mimicking sounds and actions we make and it only makes me more excited to see what will come next for them.

Lillian and Claire (as I have said many times lately) are loving their books. They have always enjoyed books, but lately they will sit there for more then 15 minutes sometimes paging back and forth through their books. I don't know if these is because they have received so many new ones and they are keeping their interest or if it has more to do with them starting to slow down from always being on the go. Don't get me wrong, they are still non-stop, but at least now they will take a break every now and then. They are always so happy when they have each other to play with. They roll around on the floor together, tickle each other (Claire says "tika tika tika" when she does), and love chasing each other down the hall.
My beautiful girl Claire who always has messy hair. As soon as I put piggies or a pony in she has to grab for it and pull it out as best she can.
Claire is showing off her bottom teeth to show everyone what she bites others with. Lillian and Claire enjoy sticking their fingers in each others mouths (or anyone for that matter, doesn't matter who) and laugh so hard. They don't think it is so funny though when one sis bites the others fingers. Eventually they will figure it out.
My sweet girl Lillian with her heart melting smile. Don't mind the food that is still smashed in her hair from dinner. She refused to sit still so I could pick it out right away.
Lillian and Claire are sitting around enjoying their book and the company of each other. This video cracks me up listening to them talk, go smack and pinch fingers but quickly get over it.

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