Thursday, January 14, 2010

National De-Lurking Week

Alright, I know it is already a little late in the week, but better late then never. This week is National De-Lurking Week, which means all of you who read my blog but never comment this is your chance to come out and play. You don't have to have a blog and sign up for an account to comment, just click the little comment button down at the bottom of the post and leave a comment as anonymous, of course, I would love it if you would add your name.
If you don't know what to say, tell me how you found my blog, ask me a question and I will answer them all, or just say hi. I know there are many more people who check daily for an update then my usual 3 commenter's and I can't wait to see who you all are! I love sharing my girls, but it would be more fun if I knew who I was sharing it with.


  1. Not a lurker but wanted to say hi anyway!

  2. Not a lurker either but wanted to let you know I am glad you share with us about your girls! They are adorable!