Monday, April 12, 2010

15 Month Well Baby Stats

Today we finally had the girls 15 month well baby check up, only 3 weeks late. They were all smiles and chatty while in the waiting room and as soon as we walked into the exam room Claire started crying. Their doctor is every pleased with how they are growing and developing, he doesn't have any concerns at this point. We asked him about Claire's feet and the way she is walking, her feet are turning in, but this does not seem to be slowing her down at all. He said when feet turn in or out it tends to be more of a hip issue and usually corrects itself, so again he is not at all concerned with this.
Both girls received 4 vaccinations; 2 in each leg. They both did great with them and have not had any troubles. They will have a few more shots at both their 18 month and 2 year check up and then after that not again until they start kindergarten. Yeah!!
They both love Dr. Graham and always reach out to him and will sit there and chat with him. They were giving him high fives and were waving bye on the way out of the door. Claire finally stopped crying as soon as we walked out of the exam room and was all smiles again; turkey!

And now, here are their 15 month stats:

21lbs 3oz - 20%
31.25 inches long - 65%
18.5 inch head circumference - 80%

22lbs 8oz - 40%
31 inches long - 55%
18.75 inch head circumference - 90%

I am not so sure the length measurement is correct. To measure them, the girls are laid down on the exam table and they mark the paper where their feet and head are, so not always the most accurate with two wiggle worms. When Claire and Lillian stand next to each other, it always appears to me that Claire is slightly taller, but again their posture could make the difference there as well. Oh well, they are healthy and that is all that matters.

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