Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Past Two Years

Exactly two years ago I found out I was pregnant That night I knew my life would never been the same, but I had no idea what I was really in for at that point. One year ago I had two adorable 4 month old babies. Tonight as I sit here, my 16 month old babies are asleep, er playing, in bed. They dance, talk, kiss, hug, jump, sing, tickle, and know how to push my buttons. My life is amazing right now and I can't wait to see what next April brings our way.

Last night I promised pictures and I have done just that. The first set is from exactly 1 year ago (April 28, 2009) and I had a hard time narrowing them down. I look at these photos and can hardly remember my babies being so that small, and to think they were so much smaller, and having such little hair.

Here are some new ones from last night and tonight. Both girls love taking a comb or brush and fixing their own hair, here Lillian is showing off her skills.
It is hard to get a picture, mostly because the will not sit still, but check out the long curly locks.

Lillian was enjoying sitting in the toy bin and was not happy Claire wanted in as well.

Lillian stood up and fell out of the bin. She was trying so hard to get back in and was not happy when she was not successful.
Claire is some where behind all that hair.
They were refusing to eat their actual dinner, so tonight they ate graham crackers, goldfish and raisins.


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