Monday, April 19, 2010

Road Trip to Wisconsin

Last week Wednesday we left bright and early at 5:30am to head up to Wisconsin. Okay, so it wasn't so bright since the sun was not up, but it sure was early! We had a long trip ahead of us, so we decided to leave early in the hopes the girls would go back to sleep until their normal wake up time of 8am, that did not work out like we had planned. They stayed awake ALL morning while driving. We stopped for breakfast and again for a picnic lunch somewhere in Iowa. The girls enjoyed being able get out of the car and run around as far and as fast as they wanted through the grass. This was a nice long break from being in the car and we all felt refreshed for the second half of the drive. After another 6 hours in the car, grand total about 12 hours, we finally made it up to Green Bay.


On Thursday we went with Grandpa Mark to the New Zoo just north of Green Bay. It was a smaller zoo, but perfect for the girls who wouldn't be able to handle an entire day out without becoming grumpy and tired. Grandpa was prepared with a pocket full of quarters for all the animal food machines. We let the girls try feeding the goats, but they just wanted to have the feed as a snack for themselves.

Claire lead Grandpa around.

My big girls checking out all of the animals.
There was this really neat platform we were able to walk up and be at eye level with the giraffes. I have never seen a giraffe that close and they were sweet and beautiful. Again, we got to feed them special crackers and I was surprised the chickies did not try to eat the crackers and waited patiently for their turn.

We also got to spend some time with Uncle Mark and cousin Coy. I cannot get over how big that sweet boy is getting, I hate not being able to see him very often. We had a fun time playing outside and he taught the girls all about the fish pond. Oh did he teach them. Josh and I were busy trying to keep them from climbing right into the water to swim along side the fish.
A cute family photo

After we had to say our goodbyes to Grandpa Mark we headed south down to Milwaukee. We had a quick stop to Kopps to get a scoop of custard (you can't drive 12 hours to Milwaukee and not stop for custard) and also drove past the house I grew up in. It looks the same buy different and driving around Whitefish Bay it all seemed like such a distant memory, it has been years since I have been back there and it is hard to remember what life was like then. It was nice to drive through those streets again though.
Next we headed over to see my grandparents and visit with them. The girls enjoyed running around their house and pulling everything off the shelves. I hate only being able to see them a few times a year and them only being able to see the girls twice a year. We stayed a few hours then had to move along to Grandma Jessie's house.
We had a great few days with Grandma, again they tore the house apart and explored every nook and cranny. We went out for a delicious lunch and the girls ate most of their grilled cheese, but were too busy looking around and enjoying all the attention they receive. After lunch we headed back to the house and two tired girls went down for a nap while my Mom and I went shopping for the girls. I think they are pretty set now for their summer clothes and I can't wait to see how adorable they look in everything. Their shirts say it all, but Grandma sure does spoil them!

Later Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a get together with family and friends. We had a special visit from my Aunt Patty and Aunt Joyce, sadly my camera battery died and I didn't get any more pictures from that day. Also, Aunt Holly came and spent time with us. It was a very windy afternoon and both girls kept getting blown over outside, but Claire sure got the worst of it. She has a nice big bruise on her forehead from taking a few head dives on the concrete, but she is a trooper and doing great.
Sunday morning we had to get back in the car for another long drive. It is always so nice to get away from home, especially to go visit family, but it is always so hard to say goodbye. While driving we had several stops again for leg stretches and after another 12 long hours we made it hope around 10:30pm, well past bed time. We had two very cranky babies but we all slept like rocks last night in our own beds. Oh that felt wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our trip so special and I feel so bad there are so many people we were not able to see during our short visit. Hopefully our next trip up can be even longer and we won't miss a single person.

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  1. Melissa...I so enjoyed seeing you, Josh and the girls. Each time I see them I just marvel at how they are growing. You and Josh are doing a wonderful job raising them. I can't wait for the next visit. Thanks for sharing with us all.
    Love and miss you all...Aunt Joyce