Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a friends little girl who turned 2. Lillian and Claire had so much fun being busy little bees at the party. They ran around playing with all the toys and seeing which strangers would pick them up and play with them. They enjoyed the snacks, especially the strawberries. Before leaving they were handed their party favors, a bucket of sidewalk chalk. They loved carrying their bucket to the car and checking them out on the ride home. I was just as excited about this gift, because I have been wanting to pick up some chalk for them, but never remember when we are at the store.
Tuesday evening we went for a walk and after returning home, grabbed their chalk and showed them what it was. They both were so excited to be able to color on the driveway and made a beautiful creation. I expect to spend many more days in the driveway this spring and summer coloring. I was also very happy with how well they did staying in the driveway, not even once did they try running towards the street like they would have done last summer and fall.

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