Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cleaning the Yard

On Tuesday evening my Dad came down from WI to visit us for the week before we all headed out for a weekend away together. Wednesday after lunch we took the girls outside to enjoy the warm weather and get some energy out. We have this ugly tree in our yard that grows some sort of seed/ball/pod whatever you want to call it, because I have no idea what they are. Well, my dad started to pick them out of the grass (they tend to fall in late fall and finish in the spring) and the girls also wanted to pick them up. I decided to get out their little buckets so they could fill their buckets with them and take them back to the compost pile, instead of one at a time like they were doing. This quickly became a game of sorts, because they went on picking them out of the grass for almost an hour before we had to head inside for naps. Later that afternoon we went back outside and they quickly grabbed their buckets and started cleaning again. A few more trips outside and I think we might finally have a cleaned up yard. I took some pictures, but I have not yet taken them off the camera, so those will have to come at a later date.

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