Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Shades

After 5 months of being spoiled by having Josh home every weekend with us, we are now back to the reality of him working weekends again. Since we are stuck at home during the week, the girls and I went out bumming around this morning. We had a mission of finding new sunglasses for the girls since their old ones were snug on their faces and Claire accidentally snapped the arm off of hers.
This morning we loaded in the car and drove over to the local shopping area. We parked the car at one end of the strip and walked toward the other end. We made a stop in front of Petco where they were having animal adoptions and the girls were so excited to see the dogs. They kept saying, "silly puppy." We then made our way into Target. After wandering and checking everything out, we finally found the sunglasses. I let Lillian and Claire pick out the ones they wanted and they were so excited! We checked out and then headed to the customer service counter so they could cut the tags and we were on our way. It was very cloudy this morning, but that didn't stop them from wearing their new shades while making the trek back to the car. They sure did get a lot of attention.

Lillian picked out the light pink glasses and Claire has the bright pink with sparkles.

After we got home, I made some lunch and then we headed out side. Josh was able to make it home long enough to have a quick bit to eat and spend a few minutes outside with us.

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