Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dress Drama

I had made some adorable dresses for the girls to wear on Easter. I have tried several times over the last week or so to try them on for size. Each time, both girls bawled, wiggled, screamed and fought if I came anywhere near them with the dress. One afternoon we took off Claire's shirt to try the dress on. Lillian came over and tried to put it back on while crying for Claire. I am not sure what is is, but they refused. I decided that it was not worth the fight on Easter morning, so we went with dresses they wore last summer. Paired with tights and a sweater, they looked perfect for our chilly Easter Sunday. 
I tried taking some photos of the girls, but they did not want to cooperate very much. Actually, Claire wasn't so bad, it was Lillian who did not want her picture taken.

The Easter Bunny did not bring any candy to our house Sunday morning, but he did bring a golf set, little stuffed puppies with bunny ears (Lillian's new favorite), and a few other little items.

 This was my attempt to get a decent photo, Lillian was being a turkey while Claire was a ham.
 Lillian decided it was necessary to look pained and make sounds like we were torturing her.

 We even tried to bribe with candy, but she still would not budge.
 I asked them to hug each other, Claire was more then willing, Lillian again put up a fight.

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  1. Those pictures crack me up! Cooperating or not, they are still cute!