Sunday, August 19, 2012

Downtown Fire Trucks

Several weeks ago (I know, I am behind again) we took the girls to a concert in the streets of downtown Lees Summit. The city puts on a concert once a month downtown and this particular Friday night it was the Jamaican Jam show. There were crowds of people and fun music, the girls loved it. 

While walking back to our car, we took a detour to walk past the fire station. Lillian and Claire were so excited to run up to the windows and peek in to see the trucks. They have been asking for almost a year to visit the fire truck house and we just have not made it happen. We didn't see any of the fire fighters around, so we couldn't ask to go in like the girls wanted, but they sure did love the close ups they did have. 

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  1. You NEED to come down to Kearney one day when Brett's on duty. Sammie and I can meet you there and we can have a playdate at the fire station!