Monday, June 21, 2010

They can be so sweet

The girls can be so sweet with each other... when they feel like it. For their birthday, Lillian and Claire received twin Cabbage Patch Dolls (who are also identical) and they love their babies. Yesterday Claire was walking around cuddling her baby with lots of hugs and sharing her baby with me. Lillian decided she wanted a baby too but it had to be the one Claire had. She kept trying to pull the doll away and push Claire. I reminded Lillian that her baby is in the toy box and she can go get that one. Her response, "no!" The sweet sister Claire can be, walked over to the toy box with her baby in her arms, dug through the toys and pulled out the other baby. She walked with both dolls back to Lillian and gave her one and they both were happy.
They sure can be sweet.

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