Friday, June 4, 2010

Using Plates

This past week when we had an outing to Target we bought plates for the girls. I thought they might be ready for them, because last week I gave each of them a small bowl of cottage cheese, which they love, and they did not dump it out. Then I decided to put their peas in the bowl, again they did not dump them out, on it went with the rest of their food that evening. Well, I was a bit nervous giving them a larger plate full of food, but they did great! After about 5 minutes with the plates Claire decided to dump her food off of the plate, not on the floor so that made me happy. However, after she did that, she took her plate and held it like she was driving a car and said "vroom." For some reason I got scared Lillian was going to do the same thing or worse and dump it on the floor, but as soon as I grabbed her plate she got upset so I left it on her tray. She did not dump a single thing off of her plate that night.

I would say the plates so far have been a success since they have not yet been thrown on the floor while full of food.

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