Thursday, July 8, 2010

18 Month Check Up

We had out 18 month check up today (only a few weeks late) and everything went great, well, kinda. The girls had so much fun playing in the waiting room, looking at the fish, and chatting with everyone. As soon as we walk into the exam room they both start screaming and cling tightly to us. It was torture trying to get them to sit on the scale, but the worst was head measurements. They didn't wiggle too much when we measure their length, but that doesn't mean they were happy about it. Thankfully they didn't need any shots today otherwise it would have been a real scream fest. Once the nurse was all done taking their stats and she left the room they were fine. They waved to the door and said bye bye wanting to leave. They always do great with their pediatrician and gave him high fives. They had so much fun running around to the different colored square tiles and chasing each other around the exam room, but were more then happy to leave when it was time.

Alright, now the important stuff.

22lb 4oz (20%)
32.5" long (70%)

23lb 11oz (40%)
32" long (60%)

Everything looks great, but it made my heart skip a beat when he said we don't need to come back until their 2 year appointment in 5 months. Really, my girls are only 5 months from being 2? I am not ready for that!

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