Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Going to the Zoo

Saturday morning after breakfast we loaded the girls up and headed out to the zoo. Once we got there we signed up for a zoo membership so we can go whenever we want and not have to worry about standing in line and buying tickets. I love it, because we can also get into various zoos around the nation for free or discounted price and we love the zoo! Since it was so hot out we didn't walk the whole zoo, but we did make our way around Asia, Australia, the rain forest, checked out the sea lions and Josh visited the snakes without us. Ick! We also visited the bird atrium and discovery farm Next trip we will make the giant Africa loop.

They were so excited to see the carousel and loved watching the kids wave and hearing the music. I am thinking the next trip we need to test this out, however, I am terrified they are going to scream the whole time on there like they do on elevators (a fear for both of them).
I love how all of the exhibits are open so kids in strollers can see and not a stone wall or something similar that obstructs their view. Here the are checking out the Macaws.
Don't forget their friend Billy the Goat.
We headed home shortly after lunch in hopes for a great nap time for everyone. Lillian and Claire had other plans and they both fell asleep before we even got on the highway in the car. This results in them only napping for about 20 minutes and then jumping in their crib their whole nap time. You would think after no morning nap, spending the morning at the zoo and only sleeping for 20 minutes in the car they would be tired, but would be wrong.

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