Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swimming Saturday

Today it was just the girls and I, Josh is having some training during the day for the next couple days. Since the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect, after breakfast I decided to put Lillian and Claire in their swimsuits and head outside. I filled the pool while they were eating and by the time we went out, the water warmed up a bit. Once outside, both girls went straight to the pool and started to play. They each took a turn doing a belly flop while tripping on the edge, but they both laughed and got right back up. Before heading inside we went on the deck to play with the water table. I went and got the hose to put some fresh water in the table, but they both kept grabbing the hose to spray themselves. They had very little interest in the sprinkler today (expect when Claire would stand or sit on the picnic table and let the water hit her) but they laughed so hard when I sprayed them with the hose. Crazy girls.
We stayed outside for about 45 minutes and when it was time to go inside neither of them seemed ready, by that, I am mean they both threw a fit.

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  1. They looked like that had a ton of fun! I love the drinking out of the bucket photo!