Friday, July 9, 2010

Snack Cups

Early this week I went to Target to pick a few things up, but as usual, I left with way so much more then what was on my list. Can you ever go into Target and stick to the list? I had to get more plastic plates for the girls since the pack we bought only came with 5 and well that wont get us through a day without having to wash. While in the baby feeding aisle I spotted some awesome snack cups that have a slitted opening that allows the girls to carry them around, but not let their snack fall all over the floor. Genius!
This afternoon I put some raisins, cereal and oyster crackers in their new cups for snack and they were so confused with those trickly slits on top. They both stood there poking a finger through the hole. I then showed them how to reach in and grab the food, so they stuck their one finger a little bit further. After a few minutes they finally got the hang of it and were so proud sitting with their new cups. Lillian was thristy so she ran over to get her water, this was the start of a problem though. She held her water cup in one hand and snack cup in the other, now she didn't have a hand to reach into the cup. She solved that by setting her snack up on the table so she could reach her hand in, problem was, her hand didn't come back out. She looked to me for help, so I held her snack up and she was able to take her hand out of the cup. This went on for almost the remainder up her snack because she refused to set her water cup down.

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  1. We have similar snack cups and Sam loves that she can shake them and hear the rattle rattle of the food inside. And, no I can't go to Target and NOT get something that isn't on the list! :)