Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Evening at the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday evening we took a trip to Carolyn's Pumpkin Patch in Liberty. We had never been there before, but it was the one that was recommended by many people. The weather was perfect, mid to low 70's and the sky was clear. When we walked through the entrance, Lillian heard the music and saw the stage, she wanted to go dance so badly, but loved being able to feed the goats instead. We bought a bag of feed when we came in, but it was sort of pointless since the ground was covered and the goats had no interest in eating anymore that day, but that didn't stop Claire and Lillian from trying.

After "feeding" the goats we headed over to the chicken coop. They tried to feed the chickens as well, but again it was a bust. Luckily the chickens were pretty tame and didn't care the girls were sticking their fingers in the coop and trying to poke them. Could have been a tough life lesson learned that day.

Next was the peacocks, feeding again a bust, but they did love them.
Our next stop of the evening was standing in line for the hay ride to the pumpkin fields. Claire sat with Josh and giggled along the way. Lillian sat on my lap, turned around and gave me a giant bear hug the whole way; she was a bit unsure of the ride, but seemed to enjoy the breeze blowing on her face.

Walking through the pumpkin field was like walking through an unkempt beach. We left with sand in our shoes but smiles on our faces. We let the girls run around and check out all of the pumpkins and explore. The made sure to touch just about every single one of them, tripped on a few vines, but hopped right back up and continued forward. They also thought they were Wonder Woman and attempted to pick up pumpkins that probably weighted as much as they do.

After running through the fields we had to stand and wait again for our ride back to the main area of the farm. After about 10 minutes of standing and waiting we were too slow or just not pushy enough to get tractor trailer, so then we waited for the next one to pull up, but for some reason more then half the people who rode out to the field did not get off and again no room for us. Finally, a third came along and we were able to get a ride back.

This was the only sign we could find with two faces. I thought the girls would love it, because they are currently obsessed with the moon. However, with it being so huge it was hard to get a decent picture.
We then attempted to take one last picture of them sitting with a bunch of pumpkins, but as you can see, it is very blurry.
When I tried to snap another one real quick, this is what I got.


  1. even if you missed some of the things we did, it looks like you all had a great time! i cant get over how big the girls are!