Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not Such a Fan

The girls have received some pretty bad gifts even before they were born. There is the occasional ugly outfit, the loud talking books, or the over flow of stuffed animals. Luckily, the girls love them all though. However, this gift tops them all and is the worst of the worst... a Vikings tee. I thought they would make great dusting rags, Josh thought it was funny, and the gift giver, Cory, did it just to make me mad. If you have read along with my posts for even the past few months, you will know that I am a Packers fan, always have been, always will be.

The other morning when Josh was getting them dressed he grabbed purple t-shirts out of the closet. After taking them out and seeing what they were, he thought it would be funny to put them on the girls. (note to see, they don't go back in the closet) Now, I will admit, the girls did look cute, but they would look so much cuter if they were green and gold instead of purple and gold.

See, even Claire is trying to hide her face so she doesn't have to be seen like this.

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  1. Tried for the packers shirts, but they didn't have any of them at Scheels, otherwise you would have got them both.

    Didn't try to make you mad, just thought it was funny once I got them because of the fact Ward likes Vikings, you like Packers. There is a huge difference between trying to be humorous and trying to anger you.

    I suppose I could have gotten them something pink, but I'm assuming they have a bucket full of that based upon pictures. It's hard trying to shop for girls that you don't get to see all the time because of the distance, so you don't know exactly what they have, i.e.- stuffed animals. I'm also not around young children all the time, so I am limited to what I think kids like at that age.

    My assistant manager gave me the idea for the bears, because I was thinking Legos. Apparently I had no grasp on age appropriate toys. She recommended either something that makes noise, or a something from the Wacky Bear Factory, since her kids of the same age love that stuff. I decided not to get the noisy things because of how much I thought that would drive you crazy with all the beeping sounds.

    When I went to get packers jerseys for the kids, I found out that they didn't have anything that small for kids, nor did they have any Packers outfits for kids at all. The closest thing I could get were the Vikings ones, which I then found funny enough to buy since I knew they were the Packers' main enemies, and I also wanted to get them something other than bears just in case they didn't like them.

    They do look cute in them, despite my lack of expertise on gift giving. Thanks for the name drop. :P