Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just the Two of Us

Last weekend, Josh and I were able to get away just the two of us. My good friend, Anne, got married, so we made another trip up to Minnesota. We left Thursday and came home on Sunday. It was so nice being able to go up for the weekend with very little set plans. Usually our trips are packed full of events and making sure we see as many people as possible in just a few short days. This trip was different. We arrived Thursday night, checked into our hotel and went out for a drink. It was wonderful! Friday was our only day with plans, but even those were much more relaxed the past wedding weekends we have had this summer. Anne and Mark had a beautiful day for a wedding, especially for being October. I love being able to spend time with some amazing friends and Friday night was just that. We had many laughs, fought back a few tears of joy, and had an all around great night together.

This past weekend was also homecoming in Mankato, so we had the chance to enjoy that as well. Saturday we had the chance to spend time with many other friends and it was a blast. By Sunday morning we were ready to be home and get giant squeezes for Lillian and Claire, but we had a great weekend that was a much needed break away from home.

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  1. A weekend away sounds wonderful! Glad you two had a blast!