Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Girl

The other night after dinner I was cleaning the girls up and Josh left the kitchen to go use the restroom (sorry Josh, but it helps the story make sense). We have been talking to the girls a lot lately about the potty and trying to get them more interested in talking about it and using the words necessary for potty training. Claire and I had a little conversation and it went a little like this.
Claire: Where daddy go?
Me: Daddy went to go potty. Do you need to go potty?
Claire: No.
Me: Would you like to go sit on the potty chair?
Claire: No.
Me: Big girls use the potty chair. Claire, are you a big girl?
Claire: No.
Me: Are you a baby?
Claire: No.
Me: Well then, what are you?
Claire: Lily.

When you ask Lillian what her name is, she says Lily. We never call her Lily, it is always Lillian, but that ending part of her name must still be took tough for her to say. When you ask Claire what her name is, she will also say Lily. We can't figure out why she does this, because when you call her name she turns and looks and she always responds to Claire, but always calls herself Lily.

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