Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Fight

In the wee hours of the morning the snow started falling today and is still falling late into the night. I am not sure what the official totals are currently, but I would guess we have between 3 -4 inches of snow, possibly more.
This morning after breakfast and play time, I bundled Lillian and Claire up and we headed outside to play in the falling snow. I was nervous of what they would think since the last time they were in snow it was not such a positive experience.
Well, as soon as they walked out the back door they took of and were in love. They both scooped the snow up and threw it in the air. They threw it at me, Leia and each other. The ran around, as well as any toddler can in snow boots and bundled up. They laughed, they smiled, they had a blast.
There were times they were running or even just walking and would fall face first into the snow, but they stood up, shook it off and laughed as they continued on their way.

The video looks grainy, but actually it is the snow falling.

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