Sunday, January 9, 2011

Escape Artists

Both my girls have become escape artists, but in very different ways.
Claire has been waking up most mornings with her jammies unzipped. The other night they were in two piece jammies; pants and a button up top. We put the girls to bed and they were nice and quiet. About an hour after we put them in bed Claire started crying and I went to go see why she was so upset. Well, my little Claire some how managed to take her jammie shirt off and was sitting there half naked holding her shirt out. Last night when Josh went to check the girls before we went to bed and found Claire sleeping with her jammies completely unzipped. This morning I went in to get them when they woke up and Claire was wearing nothing but her diaper. I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't start getting completely naked at night.

Now for my Lillian. Oh my sweet Lillian. She has never made too much of an effort to climb out of her crib like Claire so we never lowered her crib to the lowest level; roughly three inches lower. A few times lately I have seen her throw her leg over part of the crib, but not completely over, again we didn't worry. Tonight after we put the girls to bed, Josh and I came out to the living room and started watching TV. Roughly 30 minutes later we hear a thump. Josh runs back to the girls room and finds Lillian laying on the floor on her back and crying. Lillian is fine, she was happy after cuddles. We flipped on the light and lowered her crib right away. Lillian's bunny was also on the floor and from what I gather, she dropped her bunny out of the crib and was wanting it back, thus the escape. Hopefully my reminder to Lillian that she is not graceful, she falls over her feet and trips on the flat ground, will sink in.

I am really hoping that neither of the girls make any further attempts to get out of their cribs, because I am far from ready to put them in toddler beds.

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