Friday, January 7, 2011

What Comes with Two

Some of the things that have come along with the girls turning two are exciting and some I could do without. It seems like in just the past two weeks they have been so much more helpful. They pick up their own toys when asked (not all the time, but most), they follow directions more often and will acknowledge questions with responses. They have continued to improve with using spoons and forks more then they use their hands. Their language continues to improve every single day and it is so much fun hearing them say new words and phrases.

Lately, they have also become more much opinionated, which isn't always a bad thing, but when fits get thrown because they have to leave a room, go to bed, or clean up toys, it isn't a good thing either. I have also been hearing the word "mine" on a more regular basis and it is very difficult to convince them otherwise sometimes.

One more thing that I love; they seem even closer now then they have before. They have been playing together a lot more often, cuddling and laughing. All of the other things I mentioned above anyone can experience with a two year old, not many can experience the wonders of a built in best friend.

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  1. They are super cute 2 year olds! They have latched on to those Potato Head glasses!