Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Both girls have been cough free for about two weeks now, but it's back. Their coughing wakes them up at night, keeps them from having decent naps and it is miserable. Hopefully this time it is short lived since there isn't too much we can really do for it and Josh and I would really like to sleep through the night again, the 1am and 5 am wake up calls are getting old.

Last night we went to Best Buy to purchase a new battery charger for my camera and I am so excited about this. Last week I took a few pictures, but it was with my older camera before that battery died as well.

A friend ordered some hair clips and a tutu for her little girl and while I was trying to take photos of it Lillian and Claire were wanting to check it out. Last time I made a tutu for someone and I showed it to the girls, they flipped out and ran away. I was excited they were interested in it and Lillian was eager to try it on. It is small on her since it is made for an infant, but she loved it. Now I have to make some for them to play dress up with.

They have been all about sharing lately while in their high chairs. They share food to throw across the room, they share their veggies they don't want to eat, and sometimes they even share the food they do want to eat.
I think Claire is trying to take over my Packer blanket. When I leave a the room she will climb on the couch and cuddle with my blanket, she will drag it around the living room to make a little pad to snuggle on and the other day she pulled it on the chair with her and her Pillow Pet to snuggle up.
It's game day! Lillian and Claire were in bed shortly after the game started, but they had plenty of time to give a few high fives and cheers for touchdowns.

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  1. I'm bummed they got their colds back. Sammie's nose was snot free for like two weeks and now we are back to dripping - bleh!

    I love that they share their food - so adorable!