Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little of This, Little of That

Not much new going here. Winter break is over, so my extra little boys are back in the house again. I am still working on my living room makeover. I think this weekend I am going to finish off the rest of the trim work and do a few touch ups and then be done with the painting, for now. My walls are still bare, I don't want to put any fresh holes in until I know for sure what I want to hand where and I cannot make up my mind. My mantle has been rearranged several times with new things added and taken away constantly. I still have my Willow Tree Nativity up, because I cannot bring myself to take it down yet. I love that thing and I hate it is only on display for one month each year.
The girls. Well, those girls are crazy let me tell ya. For many months now, they spend the majority of their "nap" time throwing the mass amounts of animals and blankets they need in bed on the floor. Their newest adventure is taking their sheets off their mattresses and tossing that on the floor as well. Sunday we had, well, I would like it say little incident, but nothing about this disaster was little. I went into the girls room an hour after I had put them to bed for their nap because it sounded like they were about to break their beds with how hard they were jumping and playing. I open the door and instantly smell poop. My eyes, of course, go to the crazy mess of animals and blankets that littered their floor. I look up and see both of the girls, hands, faces and feel (no idea) covered in their poop. Their crib rails, mattresses, everything is covered. I am standing there completely speechless. The girls feel silent, but gave me a big smile. I lifted them one at a time out of their beds and carried them straight to the bath tub. Told them not to move, not to touch anything and don't say a word. I was furious, really, I don't think that word even says enough for how I felt.
I cleaned all the poop off of them with paper towel and the detachable shower head. Lifted them out of the tub, rinsed it and filled it. They both went back in and were scrubbed. After they were dressed, they both sat in time out until their room was clean.
Josh was still at work for the first part of the clean up, but arrived home in time to help me scrub the second crib. The girls sat in their timeout spots for well over and hour and hardly spoke a word. They knew they were in trouble and didn't want to risk it.
Since the girls have started to take their sheets off their mattress's, poop got in every little nook and cranny. There was no way we were ever going to be able to get is clean. We had to throw away their mattresses and headed to Walmart to buy new ones. They girls were very well behaved the rest of the night and the following day. Even on Tuesday they were talking about how playing with poop is not nice. I am very happy they were listening to what we told them and I have a feeling they will never attempt that again.
We have been very lucky that this is the first time this has happened in our house. I have heard stories from friends who have little ones who have does this since a very young age and do it on a regular basis. No thank you. I would like to add, that I think overall, I held it together pretty well. Sure the thought of yelling at them and throwing them out the window may have crossed my mind, but I didn't act on it. I never yelled. Really, I still don't even know what to say about the whole thing. It is done with, we have moved on and like I said, pretty sure I can guarantee that will never happen again.

***disclaimer: I would never actually throw my children out of a window or physically harm them in anyway.*** 

Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone considering calling DFS on me.

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