Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toddler Beds

Lillian and Claire still sleep in cribs. For maybe six months now, Josh and I have been trying to figure out when we want to try to brave it and finally make the switch. We talked about maybe over winter break when I wouldn't have the little boys I watch, but Josh worked so much during that time, I really didn't want to take on the challenge by myself, so happily, we put it off.
Over a year ago both of the girls took turns climbing out of their cribs. Claire did it first and not long after Lillian followed, but since then neither of them has climbed out. Yesterday it happened. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon both of my little guys were picked up. I did a quick clean up of the house and finally sat down to relax and enjoy the stillness of the house. That was quickly interrupted by the sound of a piggy bank shaking in the girls room. This is when I had a deep sigh and tried to calming walk back the girls room. See, Lillian has been known to show off her Stretch Armstrong arms before and some how reaches their piggy banks off their window ledge from her crib, how she does it I have no idea. This is what I expected when walking into their room. Instead, I was greeted with Lillian looking shocked as I opened the door, piggy bank in her bed, but she was standing in front of it. I look at Claire's bed. It was full of both of their blankets, Pillow Pets, random other animals and tutus. I think that about covers it. I look around for Claire and ask Lillian where she is. Lillian shrugs as Claire walks out of their closet. I told them big girls need to stay in bed. It isn't safe for them to climb out on their own, they can get hurt. I told them I needed quiet time and so do they, so they can look at books quietly. I closed their door and walked away.
Well, today I was really hoping nap time would go better than yesterday since they made no attempts to get out of their beds last night, but they had other plans. Within 15 minutes of me putting them in their cribs for nap, I had to go in three different times. The first time both of the girls were out of their beds. After walking out of their room I left their door cracked so I could keep a better eye on what they were doing. The second time Lillian was halfway over her rail as I pushed the door open. The third time Claire was out of bed saying she needed to play with her dollhouse. For the next hour they stayed in bed, even though Claire was trying to convince Lillian to climb out. "Lillian, get out of your bed and then I get out of mine. Mommy not coming in our room." Over and over she tried this on Lillian, but she didn't budge.
Midway thought typing this post (it is "nap time" right now) I went in their room after hearing little feet hit the floor. Lillian once again was out of her bed and Claire was planning her escape.
Luckily, Josh and I had already decided we were going to brave it and make the switch this weekend. After yesterdays activities, we decided to move it forward and and make the switch tonight. I am really dreading this milestone, I have been for over a year, that is why they are still in cribs. After "nap time" today I will probably start the transformation, since Josh is working until 7pm tonight and that doesn't allow much time before the girls go to bed for him to get it done.
I am really hoping tonight, tomorrow and every day in the future go better then expected. If not, pray I don't strangle my children. I will update tomorrow how the first new goes and maybe pictures. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, I have been a terrible mommy and have not been taking many.


  1. We just switched Ben over to a bed a month ago. One of the things that has the Teach Me Time clock that Jennie recommended.
    You can set it to light up at a specific time, so Ben knows that he can't come out of his room (or out of bed, whatever you want the rule to be) until the clock turns green. It only stores one time, so you have to reset it for naps, which is kind of irritating, but otherwise it's been great.

  2. Good luck! It's an adjustment for them and you. And I swear by that clock - it made the world of difference with Sammie. :)