Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For Anne

A dear friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby. As soon as she told me she was pregnant I started trying to find the right pattern quilt for her little one. Colors were difficult because they are not finding out the sex of their baby until the grand arrival, so I wanted to do something fun. I think pale green and yellows can be very overdone when going gender neutral, so I went bright. I cannot take all the credit for this quilt, I saw this version on Pinterest and ran with it. It is similar, but different and I love it. Not going to lie, I had many issues as usual along the way, but overall if you don't look too closely, you will never know what they are and I am not telling.

The front
 Close up of front and a peek at the back
 How I pieced the backing
 A little of everything. Love.

I wanted to get this quilt finished before this past weekend when I headed north to Des Moines and a few of my college girl friends headed south to Des Moines for a girls weekend. I was in such a need for a weekend away from life, kids, dishes, cleaning, you name it. I have not had the chance to see these three girls in over a year and I missed them. We had a fabulous weekend together and I did something I have wanted to do for years, but never thought I would be brave enough to actually do. I got my tattoo. For several years now I have wanted a tattoo of two little birds, for Lillian and Claire, on the top of my foot. I never thought I would be brave enough to take this forever plunge, but with a little help, I did. The tattoo artist hand drew the birds on my foot and there is no real reason behind the color choices, other than I wanted something bright and colorful.
I promise soon I will post about the girls again. I will make it tomorrows goal, so expect something hopefully by the end of the weekend. ;-)


  1. What a beautiful quilt! You are very talented. Love the tattoo too :)

  2. I LOVE The colors you picked for the quilt...and the tattoo!