Monday, March 5, 2012


This has nothing to do with the girls, but I just want to brag about a couple of my projects from this past month.
I had a two different friends ask me to make their kiddos special birthday outfits. While I have never made shirts for more than the girls or a few gifts, I was excited about this opportunity. The first was for a friends set of twins and their cousins combined Mickey and Minnie themed birthday party coming up. It all started with a simple shirt request. Then it became shirts and matching skirts, but of course no outfit is complete without a matching hair bow. These were so fun to make. Skirts are also a semi new thing to me. I made Lillian and Claire's Christmas skirts, but that was about it. I am very happy with how these outfits turned out.

The next set of outfits is for another friend, her twins are about to turn one. The monkey face was new as well, but I think he turned out adorable. I have made many, many tutus in the past several years, but a matching tulle headband was another first. Again, love them and I am so excited to see these outfits on the little cuties.

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  1. Oh my goodness - let me know if you ever decide to sell the Minnie outfits - my girls would LOVE them.