Friday, March 16, 2012

Keeping Dry

For about a week now, Claire has been waking up every morning with a dry Pull Up. Actually, it may be longer than that, but all the days run together for me and I can't keep track. There have been mornings we have gone it to get them after we hear them start chatting and Claire is sitting on the potty chair in their room. Lillian has had a few mornings where she has kept dry, but I think she is only using the Pull Up because she know she can.
The past two nights Claire has begged Josh and I to wear her undies to bed at night. We decided to let her sleep in her undies and the worst case scenario is we have to change sheets. Since the girls are no longer napping during the day, they tend to fall asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow, so they were out shortly after 8pm. This morning I heard them waking up around 8am and sure enough, my big girl Claire was completely dry. I am so proud of my big girl!
We just opened a pack of Pull Ups earlier in the week, but I think once we run out, I am going to see how Lillian does without one at night. She used them as a crutch during naps and once we started keeping them in their undies during naps, she stopped the "accidents." Like I said, I think the same will happen with night time, if not, we will go back to Pull Ups until she is ready.

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