Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dentist Visit

This past Thursday morning I dropped the girls off at Grandma Pattie's house, so I could head into work to start our two days of parent teacher conferences. After my morning at work was over, I headed back to pick the girls up and take them to their dentist appointment. Poor Claire wasn't feeling well. She had a slightly elevated temp, but nothing terrible, 99.5. Grandma came with to the dentist appointment and sat with Lillian during her check up and I was with Claire. Lillian, I was told, was a champ. She sat like a brave little girl through her entire cleaning. The dentist came and checked her teeth and wanted to take an x-ray of her discolored front tooth. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned that here.
One evening this summer I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and the girls were playing in the living room. They started jumping on the couch and I had asked them to stop. Next thing you know, Lillian bounces off the couch face first into the coffee table. She bit her lip and it bleed, but it wasn't too deep. After getting cleaned up, she was fine and ready to play again. Fast forward a few weeks later, her front left tooth starts to darken a little bit. We call the dentist and they told us if she wasn't having pain or have any other symptoms, no need to bring her in, but just keep an eye on it.
Back to Thursday, Lillian was again a champ with having an x-ray and they got what they needed in just one try. She was in and out quickly. They said her tooth will continue to darken, but since it otherwise looks fine, no need to do anything but continue to keep an eye on her and make sure there is no pain and her gums are fine.
Claire since she wasn't feeling well, was not as excited. She did wake up that morning cheering about going to the dentist and getting a new princess toothbrush. Oh how moods change in just a few hours. She wasn't thrilled, but she let our hygienist, Jessica, count, clean and floss her teeth, then she declared she was done and ready for her toothbrush and toy and wanted to go home. Since the dentist still have to check her teeth, we still had a few  more minutes in the chair. It took some convincing to get her to sit back down and even more convincing to have her open her mouth. She was hiding her face and there were tears, but because she has a small spot on one of her teeth, she needed to be checked again. Finally, she opened up. The spot at this point isn't anything to be concerned about, but she does have a cross bite. I was told at this point, there isn't anything we can do to correct it, but after her permanent molars come in around age 6, they can anchor (??) them to help correct the problem and everything should be fine. They both are super excited about their new princess toothbrushes and glad to be finished with the dentist.
I had to take them back to Grandma's house and head back to school for more conferences that evening. They were going to have a sleep over, but both girls ended up with slight fevers, so after Josh was off work and my conferences ended, we picked them up and they slept in their own beds. Thankfully, Friday morning, after a great nights sleep, they both woke up happy as can be and feeling perfectly fine.

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